Recover Unclaimed Property

iStock_000016462579SmallFunds Turned Over to the States as Unclaimed Property

Every company loses track of funds that eventually get turned over to the states as unclaimed property.  Examples would be a credit from a vendor or an insurance claim that was never reimbursed.

Many organizations operate in different states under various names. In addition, these companies may have merged or acquired other companies.

We purchase the databases from the states and run queries for our clients for any unclaimed funds.  We do the research to find any money belonging to your firm and simplify its redemption.

To date we have found tens of thousands of dollars for our clients.

The best part is that we do all of the work and make it easy for you to get your money.  We identify the claims (focusing on the largest available), fill out the forms, clarify what is needed on your end, and submit the claims on your behalf.

Contact us now and start your no-risk analysis today!

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