Our Mission

The Postal Advocate Mission

Savings4Our mission is to make it easy for our clients to manage their mailing costs and to find savings they could not find on their own.

We created Postal Advocate Inc. to help organizations

  • Streamline their mailing practices
  • Reduce their costs
  • Simplify their operations

We assume all the up-front risk:

  • We don’t get paid unless we save you money
  • We continually look for ways to improve your mail operations  at the lowest cost

At Postal Advocate Inc. we understand the difficulties in managing the diverse needs of your field locations and we want to make it easier.

We help reduce your mailing costs by finding answers to the following questions:

1. Do you have up-to-date figures on what each of your locations spends on postage, equipment, and supplies?

2. Do you know when each lease ends or when equipment was procured so you can make the best decisions about leasing, buying or eliminating?

3. Do you ever survey your locations to make sure their equipment suits their needs.  As mail volumes decrease, they may need smaller equipment

4. Do you have negotiated contracts with specific vendors where you have a set price for specific models of equipment?

5.  Can your locations see your rates on a secure website?

6. Do you have a process to check every mailing invoice to avoid overcharges and avoidable fees?

7. Are you aware of lost postage accounts from closed or dormant offices sitting with your meter vendors or with the USPS?

We help you develop and manage these processes to give you complete control on all mail-related expenses.  We help you save money and eliminate the complexities of all of your mail processes and costs.

Our tag line is “MAIL MADE EASY”.

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or issues around your mailing operations. We would be happy to help.

Adam Lewenberg
, President, 
Postal Advocate Inc.

P: (888)977-MAIL extension 501


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