Identify Vendor Overcharges

Finding Vendor Overcharges

visibilityWe examine each of your mailing equipment invoices to ensure that you are paying the correct rates.

We find savings in the following areas:

  • Contract Violations – Invoices that do not reflect the pricing inside the national agreements
  • Duplicate Charges – Locations being invoiced for meter rentals, maintenance, rate changes and reset fees when these costs have already been included in all inclusive lease agreements.
  • Closed Terminated Locations – Locations that are still being charged for equipment that has either been picked up or has not been used over long periods of time; where the billing should have terminated.
  • Unredeemed Loyalty Points – Unused points that have not been converted to free postage and supplies

Finding Vendor Overcharges = $7,438,820

Top 3 Vendor Overcharges

  1. $4,932,515
  2. $2,224,000
  3. $332,374


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